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Are you spending more on your scavenger program than you had expected due to treating inefficiencies?


RCS has recently been able to improve the treating efficiencies of less than expected treating applications by 10% to 40%, creating a huge opportunity for Gas Producers to reduce operational cost.


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When considering the use of a contact tower

  • The vessel must be able to put through the maximum volume of gas you expect to produce at a flowing velocity of approximately .15 ft/sec.
  • The vessel should have a well designed dispersion bar.
  • The contact time of the gas with in the vessel should be about 30 seconds or greater.
  • Contact towers less than 20 feet s/s in height generally do not provide enough contact time between the gas and the scavenger to allow maximum chemical efficiencies to be achieved.
  • The vessel can have a packing material which will increase the opportunity for mass transfer in cases where the tower is limited.
  • RCS has recently developed a tool the "RC Polisher" that can dramatically improve your existing treating cost. Don't waste any more money on poorly designed skid units.

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