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-RC210w H2S Scavenger Free HCOH

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H2S Scavenger Specialist:

RCS Inc. has Application Specialists that provides support to our clients in the use of H2S scavengers in all oil and gas applications. This specialist focuses on the up-front design and engineering requirements of the programs as well as the implementation and optimization of the programs in the field. The design of the H2S Scavenger application is critical to the effective performance of the scavenger in the field. The specialist works intimately with the  production engineering and operations departments to ensure that the most effective program and application scenario is realized.



RCS Inc. is located in Alberta providing "on site" evaluations of your H2S treating parameters and returning with solutions and resources to help you meet your specification.


"RC Polisher"

RCS has recently developed a new tool which when added to existing sweetening skids, has been able to improve treating efficiencies by more than 30%.

NOTE: When operating parameters are correct, you can expect a treating rate of .0083 liters per ppm H2S per km3 sour gas using RC110w H2S scavenger.

When working with negative operating parameters (low operating temperatures, high gas velocities), many scavenger applications are not meeting the suggested treating efficiencies, by incorporating the RC Polisher, you will be able to reduce your operating cost dramatically.

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RCS Inc. has 20 years experience providing chemical and designing system specific programs for the removal of H2S associated to Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Produced Water and Fugitive Sour Vapors.

RCS provides all that is required to have a sucessful treating program. 

  • The experience of over 100 scavenger applications throughout Alberta, Northern BC, and Saskatchewan.
  • H2S Scavenger Product line.
  • Two chemistries which have NO Free Formaldehyde, -one summer blend, one winter blend (RC100 & RC110w respectively) and one blend which contains Free Formaldehyde (RC210w). Each product provides about 10% better efficienciy over the prior.
  • Process Design, and Skid Package Leasing.
  • Scavenger Product manufactured in Alberta.
  • Product Distribution.
  • Full Field Services and Program Monitoring.

RCS Inc. has the solution for your H2S concerns.

Please contact Thom Riesterer @ (780) 975-1781

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